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2019 OCCMA Summer Conference Presentations and Handouts

We had around 125 attendees from Oregon join us July 9 - 12 in Newport, Oregon for this year's conference. Included below is the conference agenda and materials provided by each of the sessions. Questions about conference programming or any of the speakers? Contact Megan George.

Conference Agenda

Tuesday, July 9

Media Relations Workshop

Speakers: Kelli Matthews, Senior Instructor at University of Oregon and Managing Director of Verve Northwest Communications


Wednesday, July 10

ICMA Workshop 

Speaker: Martha Bennett, City Manager, Lake Oswego

Handout - ICMA Survey

Financial Forecasting

Speakers: Katie Henry, Municipal Services Director, Forecast5 Analytics; Josh Hoyer, Finance Officer, Aumsville; Matt Zook, Finance Director, Newberg; Jasmine Nachtigall-Fournier, Co-Founder and President, AdastraGov; and Scot Ecker, Senior Analytics Advisor, Forecast5 Analytics.


Legislative Update

Speakers: Jim McCauley, Legislative Director, League of Oregon Cities; Representative David Gomberg (D - Lincoln City); and Representative Ron Noble (R-McMinnville). 

LOC Legislative Bill Summary

ICMA and OCCMA Updates

Speakers: David Allen, Council President, Newport; Spencer Nebel, City Manager, Newport; Martha Bennett, City Manager, Lake Oswego; Ben Bryant, Assistant City Manager, Happy Valley; and Sherilyn Lombos, City Manager, Tualatin.

No handouts or presentation materials. 

Case Studies on Personnel Issues

Speaker: Tamara Jones, Pre-Loss Program Supervisor/Senior Pre-Loss Attorney, CityCounty Insurance Services


Social Media in Your City

Speakers: Joe Gall, City Manager, Sherwood; Megan Messmer, City Projects Manager, Florence; and Kent Wyatt, Communications Manager, Tigard.

Florence Social Media Policy

Tigard Social Media Policy

League of Oregon Cities Model Email and Social Media Policy

Thursday, July 11

Empowering Local Government Success

Speaker: Tracy Burrows, Executive Director, Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC)


Lessons from Local Ballot Initiatives

Speakers: Mark Shepard, City Manager, Corvallis; Gary Milliman, OCCMA Senior Advisor; and Jason Tuck, City Manager, Happy Valley.

Presentation - Gary Milliman

Presentation - Jason Tuck

Balance Between Staff and Council Goals

Speakers: Sherilyn Lombos, City Manager, Tualatin; Andy Varner, City Manager, North Plains; Jeff Towery, City Manager, McMinnville; and Allison Don, Administrative Analyst, Gresham. 


Gresham 2019 Work Plan

McMinnville City Council Working Agreement

Keynote Address

Speaker: Dr. De Hicks, President and CEO, The Stuart Consulting Group Inc.


Urban Renewal Tour

Speaker: Dr. De Hicks, President and CEO, The Stuart Consulting Group Inc.


Urban Renewal 101 Handout

South Beach Urban Renewal District Fact Sheet

Northside Urban Renewal District Fact Sheet

McLean Point Urban Renewal District Fact Sheet

ORS 457 Amendment Handout

Lessons Learned from the Field

Speakers: Chris Eppley, City Manager, Keizer; David Clyne, OCCMA Senior Advisor; Dave Waffle, OCCMA Senior Advisor; and Gary Milliman, OCCMA Senior Advisor. 

Presentation - Gary Milliman

Presentation - David Clyne

Friday, July 12

Round Robin with Peers

Facilitator: Dr. Phil Cooper, Professor of Public Administration, Portland State University

No handouts or presentation materials. 

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