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OCCMA provides active members who have resigned or been removed from a position in local government with an array of personal and financial support. Along with the benefits below, OCCMA Senior Advisors also act as first responders when OCCMA finds out a member has been forced to resign. The Senior Advisors will contact the member and inform them about OCCMA's in-transition services. The following services are available to active members in-transition. 

    • May retain active membership status for a period of three years, or for a longer period if authorized by a majority vote of the Board. 
    • Complimentary registration fees for conferences and training sessions offered by OCCMA.
    • Travel reimbursement for active members in transition who are appointed to an ICMA Committee. 
    • Three visits to a pre-selected counseling service. 
    • Online reputation management services to prevent and repair threats to a manager's online reputation at a reduced cost. 

It is important that manager-in-transitions let the OCCMA staff liaison know when a transition occurs and provide the liaison or your Senior Advisor with a personal email address and/or cell phone number. 

Additional Resources 

League of Oregon Cities - Interim City Staff Candidate Listing

The League of Oregon Cities (LOC) hosts an interim page on their website that allows candidates interested in interim city positions to post their bios and contact information to a private, password-protected list. When a city is needing to fill a high-level position this is often the first place they will go to.  

ICMA Members in Transition Program

ICMA provides personal and financial support for their members who have been fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated. 

Member's Guide to a Career that has Ups, Downs, and Detours: An ICMA Member in Transition Guide

Strategic Government Resources - Local Government Executive Search Firm

SGR's Career Transition Support Services help managers navigate their local government career transition with confidence. SGR offers the following services to all managers who find themselves in transition.

    • Free registrations for virtual events. 
    • Job search prep including resume building, interviewing tips, and social media best practices.
    • Match managers in transition with available contract work.

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