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OCCMA continues to be the leading organization in supporting and encouraging careers in local government professional management in Oregon.

Benefits of Membership with OCCMA

A significant benefit of membership is access to the Senior Advisor Program. Senior Advisors are respected retired professional managers who desire to serve the profession. They are available to managers as a resource for advice and can assist with help if requested.

In addition, active, affiliate, retired, honorary, lifetime and student members have access to the association’s listserv, which is an invaluable tool for discussion of current topics. Through email, members can access the expertise of professional peers by simply posting a question or commenting on a previous post.

Your OCCMA membership also affords you meaningful networking opportunities with your peers at various conferences offered throughout the year, including the annual summer conference held in July (for which OCCMA members receive a discounted registration fee), the Northwest Regional Managers Conference held in the spring, and our fall training workshop during the League of Oregon Cities’ Annual Conference in September/October.

Dues vary depending on membership classifications. For those joining mid-year, the dues are cut in half after July 1st of each year.

Membership Classifications

ACTIVE Any person who meets the criteria for full membership in the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) shall be eligible for active membership in the Association. Full membership in ICMA is for chief administrative officers (CAOs) whose scope of responsibility meets these six criteria: appointment, policy formulation, budget, appointing authority, organizational relationships, and qualifications; assistant/ deputy chief administrative officers; and other senior-level staff in local government who have significant administrative duties and report directly to a CAO whose position meets the six criteria for joining. A person shall become a member by notifying the Secretary-Treasurer of a desire to participate in the Association and upon payment of the dues for the current year. Active members shall comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics.

AFFILIATE Any person who does not meet the qualifications for the above full membership category but who has an interest in a career in city/county management shall be eligible to be an affiliate member. This includes entry- to mid-level local government employees, professors, private and nonprofit sector employees, federal/state government employees.

COOPERATING Individuals who work for an employer who does business with and has close ties to one or more units of local government. Cooperating members shall hold no office or vote or have access to the listserv and members-only page of the website.

RETIRED Any person who was previously an active member and has qualified for benefits under a local government retirement plan shall be eligible for retired membership by providing written notice to the Secretary-Treasurer and payment of the membership fee for the current year. An individual who was not previously a member of OCCMA but who now resides in Oregon and has had a career in local government management that would have made them eligible as an active member in OCCMA may become a retired member upon approval of the majority of the Board of Directors. Retired members shall hold no office or vote. Retired members have access to the listserv and members-only page of the website.

LIFE Lifetime member shall represent the highest honor afforded to retired members. Lifetime members shall be chosen because of distinguished service in the field of city or county management during his or her management career and lasting and meaningful contributions to the OCCMA and the profession of local government management. To be eligible for lifetime membership in the Association, the person must have been a full or associate member of the Association for a minimum of five years and is currently retired from the profession or no longer employed in the profession. Following a written letter of nomination signed by at least three active members of OCCMA, the Board will consider conferring Lifetime Membership to the nominee at any regular business meeting. A lifetime member shall be elected only upon recommendation of the Board of Directors. In making this recommendation, the board shall consider contributions to the profession at a level greater than the organizations served by the nominee; contributions at a national level; contributions to the profession as a whole, including teaching or publication; and any other relevant service. Once a recommendation has been approved by the board, lifetime membership shall be conferred upon an individual after a majority vote of the membership present at a general membership meeting. Lifetime members shall comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics and the Declaration of Ideals. Lifetime members shall pay no dues, hold no office or vote. Lifetime members have access to the listserv and members-only page of the website.

HONORARY Honorary members shall be chosen based on their contributions to the Association and/or to the field of city or county management in Oregon. Honorary membership shall be conferred by a Board vote at any regular business meeting. Honorary members shall pay no dues, hold no office, or vote. Honorary members have access to the listserv and members-only page of the website.

STUDENT Any person who is registered as a student in a college or university public administration program or is currently working in a career in public management may petition the executive Board for membership. Student members shall hold no office or vote. Student members have access to the listserv and members-only page of the website.

How to Join OCCMA

Please complete the Membership Application Form and email your membership form to Lisa Trevino. Payment can either be accepted via credit card over the phone or via check mailed to this address: 


1201 Court Street NE, Suite 200

Salem, OR 97301

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