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  • Support professional local government management by increasing the knowledge and ability of administrators and managers;
  • Promote the exchange of information between the members;
  • Sustain the functions, principles and goals of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Welcome to OCCMA from President Scott Derickson

Welcome to the Oregon City County Management Association (OCCMA).  We are non-partisan government professionals committed to the highest standards of public integrity and ethics, dedicated to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion in our deliberative and organizational systems, incorporating the newest and best local government practices through continued education and promoting the Council/Manager form of municipal government. In these pursuits, OCCMA offers access to local government peers, mentorship, information, and learning opportunities so that elected officials and communities thrive, and the value of local government is reinforced.

Our profession is built on the principles of service and that local government is a place for everyone.

OCCMA’s Board of Directors are comprised of local government managers and administrators that bring a wealth of perspectives and experiences to our profession. OCCMA’s leadership has been outstanding as I hope to continue the level of leadership and excellence demonstrated by outgoing President Susie Marston. We owe Susie a debt of gratitude.

OCCMA’s Professional Development Committee has planned a number of quality learning and networking opportunities scheduled for the Summer and Fall Conferences. In addition, the 2023 N.W. Regional Managers Conference will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska. The International City County Management Association Conference will be held in Austin, Texas. Both are excellent opportunities to connect with peers from around the nation, bringing new problem-solving ideas and information back to your community.

In 2023, we will see the OCCMA affiliate organizations and committees, such as the Latinos in Local Government, the NW Women’s Leadership Academy and Veterans Committee advance their missions. The financial position of OCCMA will continue to strengthen and we will continue our focus on student engagement and bringing the next generation of managers into the mix.

Whether you are from a large community or a small rural town, 2023 promises to present challenges and opportunities as Oregon continues to grapple with political divisiveness, homelessness, post-pandemic economic, and workplace challenges. There is no better time to be a member of OCCMA.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

OCCMA Civic Education Toolkit

The OCCMA Civic Education Committee worked with Ashleen McGirk, MPA Student to develop a Civic Education Toolkit. City Managers and local government professionals can use this toolkit as a resource to present to community groups, individuals, and elected officials. 


On July 9, 2021 the OCCMA Board of Directors approved the

OCCMA Statement of Belonging.

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